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1889 Washington's Magazine

Ten years ago, Troy Alstead, the former chief operating officer of Starbucks, was sitting in a hotel room in Shanghai while his family remained back home in Washington.

It can be lonely on the road—soon, he found himself with time on his hands in the evenings. Alstead began to work on an idea he had long considered, and it soon took the form of a business plan. Ocean5 and Table 47 were born.

“I have always been inspired by gathering places all around the world, whether it’s the kitchen table at home, a coffee shop, pub, restaurant or sports arena, the places where people socialize, connect and have fun,” Alstead said. “I saw the opportunity to create a very unique social place, like nothing that exists in the state. A venue that would be a fantastic place to work, a great part of the community, and respectful of the environment
and oceans.”