5268 Point Fosdick Dr NW  ·  Gig Harbor, WA

About Us

Our Core Purpose

Be a beacon in the community that draws people together, fosters shared experiences, and inspires action to improve the health of our oceans.

House Rules

This facility is designed for your enjoyment. We welcome children of all ages.

Please keep in  mind that an adult must be  present at Ocean5 with children younger than 16 and must accompany children younger than 8 at all times.

The management reserves the right to refuse service, ask you to leave and/or prohibit you from the property for uncooperative, unruly or inappropriate behavior.

No outside food or drink permitted, except special occasion cakes, cupcakes, and wines. Service fees apply. Ask a team member for details.

Proper attire and shoes must be worn at all times.

No smoking or vaping. Please secure weapons in your vehicle.

Positive Impact

Built and operated as one of the most environmentally responsible businesses in the region, Ocean5 shows that you can have fun and have a positive impact on the environment and community.

Ocean5 is named after the five great oceans. As they're all connected, so are we - to each other and our planet. That's the big idea behind Ocean5: we know that even the simplest efforts can make a big impact, and together we can make a difference. 

We're proud of where we are starting but know there is always more we can do. We love to learn, grow, and be inspired. Ocean5 is on a journey and invite you to join us.  Here we go!

Proudly LEED Silver Certified

In September 2018, Ocean5 was awarded LEED Silver certification!

We're the world's first multi-attraction entertainment venue and the first with laser tag to earn a LEED certification. We're also the first public LEED Silver Certified restaurant in greater Tacoma/Seattle area.

Among the features designed into the project to receive Silver certification are our heating and cooling system operated by 72 geothermal wells that total 3.6 miles in length and our locally and responsibly sourced food ingredients. Environmental sustainability was a major focus for other design elements.

The Building

The building is applying for LEED certification and is expected to save enough energy that could run 36 traditional-sized homes. 80% of the energy saved is due to the geothermal system of 3.6 miles of wells under the parking lot that will heat and cool the whole building. The geothermal heating and cooling system alone will save 175 - 200 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year, the equivalent to taking 30 cars off the street. 

15% of the expected energy savings is based on lighting design that utilizes LED lighting.

The building was designed to maximize natural light with expansive windows and solar tubes, minimizing the amount of electricity used on lighting during daylight hours.

Recycled and reclaimed materials were used throughout construction, including carpet tiles made of recycled commercial fishing nets. Our restaurant dining tables and decor are made of reclaimed wood, and all interior alder wood was sourced within 100 miles of the site. 


Reef Sculpture

One of the first things you see at Ocean5

“Reef” was created by artist Brian Brush, and is composed of identical pieces of aluminum arranged three-dimensionally in space to create a one-of-a-kind suspended mobile sculpture.

Each of the 303 plates are offcuts of reused materials from other projects that Brian has done, so nothing has been wasted in the creation of this piece. Every individual plate has its own mapped position in the sculpture and each were hung individually at their unique specified length.

The sculpture takes its name and inspiration from the biodiverse ecologies of the ocean reefs, and the intent of the artwork is to convey the energy, complexity, and fragile beauty of the oceans.

Net Effect Carpeting

Did you know some of our carpet is made out of recycled nylon from abandoned fishing nets that have washed ashore?

In walking around the building, all the carpeting you see in the activity space is part of Interface’s Net Effect carpet collection - built and chosen with sustainability in mind.

The Net Effect collection is part of the bigger Net-Works project in the Philippines, which works to clean the beaches and waters of discarded fishing nets - threatening the double barrier reef offshore. Now, small fishing villages have a new source of income: selling the nets they find to Aquafil, an Interface partner. Aquafil purchases the wasted nets and repurposes the nylon, converting it into yarn for carpeting, which Interface uses for their Net Effect collection.

The Net Effect carpeting design is a clear nod to the oceans that originally inspired this project. This includes a soft, coastal color palette, and a textured weave that references the moment waves wash over land.

Net Effect is also a third-party verified climate neutral Cool Carpet. Cool Carpet zeros out all greenhouse gas emissions associated with carpeting, and gets us one step closer to having a fully LEED certified building.


A school program from Crayola!

We invite you to bring us your unusable, dried-out markers (dry-erase and highlighters, too)! We'll be collecting them in conjunction with a local school to have the markers repurposed and out of our landfills. Another small way we color the world a little greener.  Learn more about Colorcycle!

Community Donation Requests

Ocean5 and Table 47 are proud to be a part of the South Sound community and support our local schools and charities. We provide donations to 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations and schools in the greater Gig Harbor area.

Donation requests will be reviewed on the 1st and 15th day of each month, due to the large volume of inquiries. We will get back to each organization within a few days of the review date.

We look forward to connecting with our community!